Digging for gold in charity shops

Digging for gold in charity shops

Our latest blog post is by Samara Cusman, who is encouraging you open your mind as widely as possible when you enter a charity shop...

'Welcome to your new addiction- charity shops! Stop looking at your local charity shops the same way you look at other high street shops, and start seeing it as goldmine of new ideas and choices.

'As with mining, I’ve realised that a place must be visited more than once until a true gem is found. Don’t give up after your first visit if you still haven’t found the perfect item! I like to keep searching and see shopping as a fun sport, whilst reaping the rewards. But my number one tip is to really open your mind. To find a gem, don’t go into a shop searching for a specific item and instead, open your mind to new possibilities.

'I’ve managed to find a Nike hoodie, Christian Dior makeup bag and several other small pieces, just from browsing around with no specific item in mind. I know others that have also struck gold with Ralph Lauren and Paul Smith shirts! From all this, it’s safe to say that the best clothes can be found when we aren’t looking for it!

'Whether that’s a designer piece, or a satin top or a cashmere jumper, the opportunities are endless.'

'Found the perfect top, but it’s too big? Don’t worry and keep in mind that clothes can always be adjusted and tailored to fit your specific sizes. A needle and thread might just be your new best friend. After finding an incredible pair of trousers that fit my waist, I unfortunately realised that it was too long for me. But in less than an hour, I managed to tailor it to fit me perfectly – I had struck gold. See all this purchasing and tailoring as a journey for yourself; a whole new experience where you venture outside your comfort zone and end up with a one-of-a-kind item.

'I’d also suggest thinking outside the box when it comes to searching for clothes and think of various new outfits that could be created from a few garments. Fabrics can be mix and matched to create exciting combinations you may have never thought about! What new style awaits you?


'Whilst having fun shopping, just remember that you are also helping to save the planet by contributing to a circular economy, whilst also donating to a charitable cause. A circular economy keeps products and materials in use, thereby reducing waste and pollution. In the UK, approximately £128 billion pounds worth of clothes is sent to landfills annually. This shocking amount can only be reduced by spreading awareness of clothes wastage and convincing more to purchase second- hand goods.

'I have plenty of clothes in my wardrobe that I plan on donating to charity shops or selling on second-hand platforms such as Depop, so I can also contribute to a circular economy! Have a rummage through your wardrobe and see what you can sell or donate, what you find may surprise you!

'It’s never too late to get sucked into the world of charity shops, so why not pop into your local charity shop soon- who knows what you’ll find?'



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