Don’t change your wardrobe, change your perspective

Don’t change your wardrobe, change your perspective


Our latest blog post by Kasia Dudys looks at how you can maintain a wardrobe that stands the test of time and which works across the seasons...

'Once there was a time when people – especially young women – changed their wardrobe every season, because every season there was always something different à la mode. Colours, fabrics, patterns, a design. This is hardly history, merely several years ago. So what has changed? And has it changed permanently?

'People are becoming more conscientious about their everyday choices, because they have began to understand the seriousness of the climate change issue. More and more would like to contribute to saving the environment in areas they are able to. Apart from that, they become more aware of what is the real cost of fast fashion production – everyone has heard about exploitation of workers, and now this topic is louder than ever before.

'So now the question is – what can we do if we don’t have a big budget to spend on sustainable fashion, and at the same time are not inclined to visit big shopping malls neither?

'For some clothing is just a matter of being comfortable and warm but for others it means so much more. Clothes can build up your confidence, express your personality, and even be a statement. Can we still do that without changing our wardrobes and constantly buying new things? There’s a positive answer to that.

'Firstly, there is always one style that will never ever go out of fashion. Classic style. It may sound boring at first, but the devil is in the details. Classic doesn’t necessarily mean elegant or dated. Mainly it means quality. And confidence. Let’s for example look at the powerful and famous women like Grace Kelly, Audrey Hepburn, Kate Middleton, or Sanna Marin – young, beautiful, confident, and stylish.


'What’s more, once you invest in good quality classic pieces they will last for years, and you’ll find them useful on many occasions to come. Recently I also discovered for myself that one can mix and match them however you like, which helps to bring a fresh look every time.

'Secondly, if you still doesn’t feel convinced, let’s have a look at how classic can easily be made more vivid and personalised. It only takes something as simple as a hairpin or a necklace or a headscarf. They can help you to stand out and embellish an outfit in a very low cost or no cost at all. Maybe you already have something in your drawers that you haven’t been using for ages and now you can find a new purpose for it.

'A perfect example here is a patterned neckerchief that you don't want to wear around your neck- how about trying to make a headband of it?

'A beautiful vintage bag found on in a charity shop to complete your look? There is lots of fun to be had in focusing on details, like layering necklaces to transform a crisp white shirt .

'The third idea I’d like to propose is transforming your old clothes or those found in a thrift shop. Crafting and upcycling in general has become very popular, especially now after lockdowns, and as we learn it doesn’t have to be complicated or require special skills. You just need to be brave and experimental. There is a lot of ideas and guides on how to transform old into something completely new and make it look voguish. Sometimes it takes only as much as sewing on couple of flowers or buttons, sometimes it’s replacing shoe laces with a ribbon, on the other occasion it’s cutting this and that or painting on a piece with fabric paints. The possibilities seem to be endless and allows to express your personality, and creativity. It might be a good way of spending time off as well as to learn new skills.

'Modern women are smart and well read, aware of nowadays issues, and that is very much reflected by their style. Because nowadays the most fashionable thing is being conscientious.'

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