Going Out in Style

Going Out in Style

With the promise of new season partying on the horizon, festival time far from over and venues opening up we've launched our new 'Dress to Impress' partywear collection, to make finding those unique pieces a breeze. In our latest blog, Kasia Dudys comments on why, more than ever, we want to get our glitter on!

'While restrictions are being loosened up, we feel more at ease and with rapid speed forget about the pandemic. No one really wants to remember it when we finally can enjoy the pleasures of going out and to be free again. Almost. There is still the dread of another wave coming soon. In fear of another lockdown, and sudden cancelling of events and flights, everyone tries to live from day to day.

'And so, many people, not only young as one could think, are trying to make out as much of this time as possible in one way or another. Whether it’s a meeting with friends in safe environment, going to the cinema, partying, or simply enjoying eating out, one will always want to put something finer than usual. After all, just by wearing more elegant clothing we can cheer ourselves up, and simply feel better.

'It’s not a coincidence or a whim that during lockdown lots of people while taking part in online events or video calls with friends dressed up to distinguish this special time while still being at home. We all know that what we wear has quite an impact on our mood and behaviour.'

'So whether you’re still shielding yourself at home, or going out to have some fun – stop for a moment, and think about what to wear to make yourself feel fabulous. Here are some tips that will help you to stand out, and go with latest trends in fashion while looking through your wardrobe or local charity shops. You can invest in a good time, without being out of pocket.

'Classic beauties'

The Little Black Dress will never go out of fashion. Lately, I’d say we can observe quite the opposite – lots of shops make it fashionable again just by adding here and there some lace, sparkling sequins, or tulle. A simple idea is just a base for endless variations.

'Two in one'

Recently, a lot of brands develop the idea of the costume – one or two piece suits. The can come in an amazing amount of colours and patterns that make them a unique garment even for a night out. To me, they have a seventies feeling about them – matching top and bottom, bold print, and vibrant colours catch the eye of passers-by. Why not play with the look and go back in time?

'Long and airy'

Wouldn’t it feel like you’re one of James Bond girls in one of those? Not only elegant but sexy and comfortable. Airy material looks slight and feels light at the same time. Perfect for long summer nights.

'Glitter and gold'

To stand out this little bit more, and to literally shine on a dance floor (or in intervals in theatre – why not?) we can always try putting something glittering. Maybe you always though it’s not your style and never even dared to try on such a dress in a dressing room? It actually might be quite freeing to wear something vivid and daring, and help you build up the confidence.


'Whatever you will decide to wear you should go with something you feel good in. After all, the main point of going out is to have a great time and be comfortable. There are many ways to look charming and tasteful, and one of them is just adding some accessory, even a face mask can be stylish.'

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