Let's go on a style adventure to... Wroclaw

Our latest blog post is by our lovely volunteer Kasia. Since we're stuck at home right now, why not find out what's inspiring the second hand culture in Wroclaw, Poland.

'While climate crisis is on the rise and sustainability and eco-friendliness are becoming more and more favoured, the fashion industry needs to find its’ own solution to the problem. When it comes to buying new things young people start to be more conscientious about their everyday choices. While the amount of sustainable and climate-aware brands is increasing, it can be expensive.

'Wrocław in Poland is a city filled with young people. They study, work, and spend their free time here. Everyone will find something interesting to do here, whether they’re into culture, architecture, science or new technology. The second biggest community in Wrocław are elderly people who settled here after the war. They all share the love of aesthetics, whether it is beautify preserved old houses, murals, garden squares, sculptures or modern architecture and – fashion.

'Most people here take care of their everyday looks. Do not expect haute couture out on the streets but you definitely notice old ladies wearing matching hats and scarves with pretty jewellery on their ears or around their necks.

'Young people on the other hand, like to follow current trends. For example, one can easily spot which colours are trendy this season by just looking around. That said, in Wrocław there is a lot of opportunities to dress yourself in low-cost, second-hand clothing that still allows you to look stylish. After all, students not always can afford clothing from big or eco-friendly brands.

'For the last few years, thrift shops have become very popular and now, they undergo their renaissance. Not only because clothing there is affordable and second-hand industry is perceived as sustainable to a certain extend but also, because one can find real treasures there.

'What’s more, recently young people became interested in vintage clothing. Girls search for looks from the 40s, 60s, and even 80s. Polka dots, false silk, wide skirts, short knitted cardigans, lace, to mention just a few are coming back from oblivion. And obviously the best way to get your hands on a nice vintage piece of garment is to visit your local second-hand shop.

'But don’t be misled! A lot of Wrocław thrift shops looks like regular clothing shop. 

'Wrocław as any big city assembles lots of different people of various ages, nationalities, professions and approach to fashion. You can find elegance, vintage, homewear, casual and shabby looks everywhere around.

Some follow guidance from big brands, some choose ageless classic style, and some want to stand out with their colourful looks. Not to mention that from time to time you can also meet some youngsters in cosplay.'

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