Livin' La Dolce Vita

Livin' La Dolce Vita

Here's our latest piece for Bath Life, where we discuss dressing to be seen and the cafe culture, hope you enjoy our style tips!

'Whether we choose to brave the airports, opt for a staycation with an excruciating petrol cost per mile, or embrace our Bath pavements and terraces this summer, we can rely on our strong traditions of making stylish- hay while the sun shines!

'It’s endearing how we British transform with the fewest of rays, sloughing off our layers like butterflies bursting from cocoons, our subconscious fear of risk of a drenching from an unexpected downpour adding frisson to the air, even in the sunniest climes. We are different creatures in holiday mood, a little bit of a tan, a few freckles (a lobster red back) makes us riskier, more fun and more adventurous with our fashion choices

'Add to that, even if you stay at home, Cool Britannia, epitomised by pints of lager and parkas in the parklife, is getting quite a bit of competition from La Dolce Vita these days- think Aperol Spritz with statement scarves and sunglasses instead.

'The simple replacement of the pub picnic bench with individual chairs and smaller tables, has somehow influenced our summer home style evolution into a state that rivals our European neighbours.' 

'A lovely side-effect of public health concerns is that in the UK we have adopted a café and bar culture with more outside seating, umbrellas and table service. Hurray! Have we created more opportunities for lazy people watching and some self-indulgent (but oh so fun) statement dressing, in the sunshine between the clouds? Bath’s Palladio inspired architecture makes an incredible backdrop to this ‘guilty pleasure’ hobby, our city really feels like it’s in Italy- the hazy views of the hills, the restaurants and boutiques, the multitude of designer pooches… i

'Embracing the Dolce Vita feeling, adds the opportunity for some cinematic dressing that is perfect for the longer days- brighter colours, voluminous shapes, dramatic cuts that change and shift with the light.

'1950s style dresses paired with little statement jackets to keep off the morning chill, perfect for post-office drinks or date night later.'

Corseted figure-accentuating tops with high-waisted, ankle grazing trousers that show off statement sandals and colourful court shoes. With a sharp lightweight blazer, this look is great for the office, take it off and you are ready for your Vespa!

'Pattern and texture clashing is a particular Italian skill, with Gucci and Etro leading the way- use their editorial ads to inspire you, pull together different prints by weaving colours and tones through the look, to create looks that are unique but never garish. Stripes and florals, paisley with flocked satin, top to toe tonal in leather, light cashmere and silk- bellissima!

'If you like to float around and want to be simpler, a gorgeous Pucci or Versace inspired kaftan or off the shoulder maxi dress is easy chic, metallic gladiator sandals upping the glamour stakes and a leather jacket draped on the shoulders for cooler evenings.

'Even your casual wear can have a dash of Dolce-  your denim jeans paired with a capacious straw bag, a scarf tied on to make it your own and over-sized pair of sunglasses adding instant glamour.'

'In fact, the scarf is the most Roman Holiday item of them all- for your hair, your neck, your bag, through your belt loops, it adds instant personality to any look! If you want to dip your toe in this most refreshing and delicious of vacanza styles, give it a splash now!'



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