Seratonin Style- how to boost your mood with clothes

Seratonin Style- how to boost your mood with clothes

Our latest blog post is Marianne Cantelo's column for Bath Life! Learn how a little colour goes a long way when the sky is grey...

Convincing the psyche that this is the season for new beginnings takes a ridiculous amount of willpower- it’s grotty and chilly and days are short and vile. Up until the mid 18th century New Year in the UK began on the 25th March, time of euphoric spring blossom, burgeoning bulbs and splashier sunshine- it makes sense doesn’t it? If you want to make permanent positive changes and ‘rebirth’ yourself, pick a season where the odds aren’t stacked against you?

Since we’re now stuck with this illogical Gregorian calendar and most of us can’t afford the luxury of warmer climes, boosting motivation now seems a priority to avoid complete stagnation until spring. Christmas was momentarily effective in cheering us up, with its sparkle and sensuality, but overindulgence makes you feel stodgy and stale. Isn’t it time to time to inject some new Vitamin C(lothes) and Serotonin into our lives?

You’ve probably heard of ‘Dopamine Dressing’. It’s a beautiful thing dressing like a bird of paradise every day.  However, just like dopamine, it’s addictive but not necessarily sustainable being that ‘high’ all the time. You might also not want to be known as ‘that person who fell into a bag of skittles.’ You love clothes, but want to wear them, rather than them ‘wear’ you. If you want serotonin style on the other hand, it’s a lot more subtle but still fun- it’s a mood that you can take anywhere, simply.

You can bring light into your look, from the moment you put on your knickers in the morning. Sheer clothing and visible underwear, is a reoccurring nod to the nineties that’s very ‘now’. Choose bras in vibrant contrasting colours that are designed to show and peek through.  Even if they don’t, just being aware of a more lively set of underwear will keep your spirit elevated throughout the day. Similarly, a satin camisole in a candy colour, under a cosy cardigan is a lustrous layer that references coming spring flowers, poking through heavier earth. 

Upgrade your hosiery with socks and tights that are also designed to be seen. Classic skirts and trousers, enhanced with ‘pick me up’ pops of colour that create flashes of sunshine as you walk. When you feel mentally exhausted and your posture is drooping, you’ll see your feet and can’t help but prop yourself back up again and stride with new energy. Similarly one bright staple piece, like a sunshine yellow, or grass green skirt, is endlessly versatile with blouses, knits, tailoring and simple sweats.

 Invest in a ‘Pre-Spring’ coat. This is a warm coat in a classic cut, but with a bright ‘wake the f**k up’ colour or print in a ‘fresh’ tone distancing you from richer, weightier colours. You can dress in head to toe black, chuck on this coat and you are transformed, work ready but bold and cheerful- perfect with denim on the weekends.

 There’s plenty of practical boots, sneakers and shoes in acid bright or neon colours that are smile inducing but still sophisticated when paired with traditional neutrals. These will take you right through to the season of sandal wearing- a classic shape in a vibrant colour that won’t date but will always delight.

Perhaps the simplest serotonin staple is a beautiful statement bag. There are plenty out there with witty motifs and designs- time to dig out your vintage Lulu Guinness? Choosing a bag that is a conversation piece, promotes connection and laughter! Whether you embrace the ‘toy’ trend, gladiatorial chain embellishment, or opt for a retro shape, turning an ‘essential’ everyday item into a source of constant pleasure requires minimum effort- pure joy, swinging on the end of your arm!


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