Street Chic, On the Cheap

We don’t know about you, but thinking of ways to ‘live in the now’ is becoming a little bit ‘meh’. So many tips to make your home a haven, pull off a great look for a zoom meeting and how to not strangle your flatmate/other half/children/dog.

Over it.

The vaccination programme is a promise of a return to normality and even when we’re warned that this doesn’t mean the ‘old normal’ but the ‘new normal,’ it’s providing hope.

Hope that allows us to think about inspiration beyond our bubbles- aspirational things, crazy projects and theatrical events. Even thinking about the places we miss visiting, that are so close but feel so far, is making us smile. 

That’s why we’ve started to talk about street style and how it’s feeding our imagination.

Lovers of style all over the world, being snapped in outfits that are an expression of their creativity on their human form. Different cities and countries bringing a unique flavour to clothing, individual personalities working in their own twist. We’re not interested in being told what’s fashionable, we want to make the clothes we have merge to make something that is totally our own!

 It’s not a new phenomenon, strutting your stuff publicly, peacocking and parading, a little ‘paseo’ in your favourite things- but it’s a luxury we miss. 

Is it vanity, or is a way to share our magpie-like natures? An age-old desire to flaunt colour and precious things- whether silk or satin, plastic or PU, how people make these materials into something unique, is fascinating. 

So we’ll keep sharing our take on cheap and chic, street-style and hope to bring you examples worn by ‘real’ people soon. Please tag us with your own outfits and looks if you are feeling inspired, antsy or just bored. We’ll share your unique looks and reward you with a 10% discount off!

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