Trends of the Unexpected

Trends of the Unexpected

Our latest blog post is the full version of our trends article for Bath Life Magazine where our latest shoot made front cover. Photographer Egle Vasi, Make Up by Chantelle Moody, Styling by Team .shop. Venue The Curfew Bath, socks by Worship the Ground.

Does anyone else feel like fashion at this time of year is a downhill race through the same old themes, with a hideous Christmas jumper at the finish line and then nothing to do until spring?

It can start off fairly well in the autumn with the promise of cosy, (if predictable) new coats and a tasteful palette referencing nature’s fading beauty. The sorts of ‘gram looks where someone manages to take an excellent photograph of you from far away walking the dog and looking wholesome, or of you drinking a cup of tea holding the mug with two hands, in some rustic Scandi knitwear. You feel like Diane Keaton, or Sally in ‘When Harry met Sally’ and that’s just great, even if your partner does mock your neck tie, non-prescription glasses and tiny pumpkin collection that you have no intention of eating.

Then October 31st actually arrives and all good taste is just thrown out of the window. Everyone else is doing it, so you succumb to peer pressure- you can’t dress up as Diane Keaton again anyway, so you make the decision to dress up as a version of Cher or Madonna or Lady Gaga in various incarnations. The next few weeks are probably just a horrible style ‘come down’ from that one night of horror. It just feels weird to go back to wearing tasteful autumnal things after dressing from the circus- you’re just waiting for the only option left for the year, sequins and glitter!

Having dressed as a Christmas bauble for almost eight weeks solidly, a Christmas jumper feels quite conservative I suppose. Argh, it’s so predictable. It’s always the same.

Or is it? This year, it seems that fashion designers have invited us to participate in a series of trends that are completely unexpected. It feels like there is an opportunity to express your own individuality- picking and choosing from ideas that are ‘new’ but when mixed with your style, are completely unique to you and your mood, you may even find that you’re not bothered about spring at all!

Take for example the amount of looks on the catwalk that used a colour palette that we might more commonly associate with spring or summer- bright yellow, bold blue, flamingo pink anyone? Your favourite summer dress might just be perfect for now! Try layering it over it a contrasting polo neck or blouse and keep your bare legs warm, with socks or tights that are add another pop of colour and keep your look fresh.

Similarly, the jumpsuit trend persists. By layering over fine knits, interesting blouses with volume, or again the classic polo, an old favourite you thought you were going to put away remains in circulation. Swap your sandals for ankle boots and you’ve got a versatile piece that is working hard all year round.

Another piece that we love the return of, is the mini skirt. There’s a lot of debate about ‘how old is too old?’ So this particular item is the equivalent of the middle finger to annoying people isn’t it? We recommend wearing it if you have legs that are, well, just legs. You’ll look great. For purely practical purposes, again, great socks and tights will keep you cosy.

Of course, if you feel more comfortable with a bit of length, it’s pleasing to know that pleats remain prolific, we love an over-sized knit on top of a pleated midi with knee high boots- you can’t beat swirling away on a windy day.

If you are a seventies lover then there are so many nods to this fantastic decade. Massive flares are back but top tip, wear them cropped to the ankle and avoid the dreaded ‘seep’. Not so fond memories of having damp flappy bellbottoms on wet days and let’s face it, we do live somewhere which is so spectacularly green and lovely because of an irritating amount of rainfall.

Talking of rain, the over-sized mac has made a welcome return- think Meg Ryan as ‘Sally’ again, not so much Melanie Griffiths in ‘Working Girl.’ These are amazing if only because they are big enough to go over the jumpsuit, over the chunky knit, over the mini or midi skirt, over the massive flares and then whatever else you choose to stop you freezing your proverbial off while looking gorgeously uniquely you. Make sure you look in the men’s sections of the charity shops as you’ll find some classic tailored bargains there for sure, alongside many brilliant versions of the pieces mentioned above!

Happy style hunting!

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