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Our intro into the world of street style by Alexandra Hawker...

If you’re into the world of fashion, you might have heard of the term ‘street style’. Maybe you’ve read articles in Vogue about street styles across the globe, or seen TikTok videos that show China’s high fashion in action. It’s thrown into the spotlight during fashion weeks in the world’s style capitals, with people taking to the streets in their most striking statement ensembles. 

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 You’ll notice that all these outfits are unique – and that’s down to the people wearing them. Just like music, literature or painting, fashion is an art form.

The artists are the people who put their outfits together, choosing to reflect who they are and what they want to say through their clothing.


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It’s easy to look at street style and think it’s unaffordable, unachievable or unsustainable. But the essence of street style isn’t people showing off their brand new designer labels – it’s about their creativity showing through in their fashion.

Thought goes into the colours, shapes and textures that have been put together, and this eye for detail is what makes the outfits so striking as a whole.

The truth is that it’s possible to make a statement without having to invest in the latest designer pieces. You can easily pick up pieces from Dorothy House’s online shop and achieve that glamorous street style. 

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Street style is about imagination and experimentation, so get creative and see what works for you. And if you’re finding your pieces at local charity shops, you’re not only saving money for yourself, but also helping to fundraise an important cause – not to mention being a sustainable shopper! You can find beautiful pieces to complete an outfit, or make something completely your own with clever upcycling.

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Our new online shop has plenty of beautiful and unusual pieces for both men and women – and it’s all offered at incredible prices. Take a look!

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