Our Story

Wear your heart on your sleeve and shop 365 days a year with dorothyhouse.shop

Shop to look great and feel good, knowing that your clothing choices save beautiful things from going to landfill and support health and social care in the community. 

Finding luxe looks for less from the convenience of your device, wherever you are, is now super simple, as our team have done all the hard work for you.

We’ve sorted the most unique and special items for our online collection and will be uploading new stock weekly. You’ll be sure to get that thrifting fix, without having to rummage through rails!

What sets dorothyhouse.shop apart as a brand is that we are owned by a local hospice charity who constantly seek to understand a national marketplace and worldwide trends in purchasing.

Vision - Fashion fades, but style is timeless. Our platform shows that unique, well-made clothes last through the ages and preloved should be always loved. dorothyhouse.Shop is the place to find exciting, sustainable style, supporting local hospice care, now and in the future.

Mission - Slow Fashion, Found Fast

Our customers are unique and playful with their style but take the fashion industry’s responsibilities very seriously. Our mission is to show that fast fashion, damaging manufacturing practices and unfair employment are the only things that should go in the bin.

Conveniently Conscious

Our profits go to charity Dorothy House which provides holistic care and support to people with a life-limiting illness, the dying, their family members and carers. Our platform is designed for our customers to find unique style conveniently, that makes them look and feel good, as they help our cause.

Why now?

As we head into our second lockdown Dorothy House needs to replace the income generated from our high street shops which represents a vital source of funding for the Charity. In these times, entering the online market-place is essential, allowing existing customers to continue to shop the high quality second hand goods that they have come to expect from Dorothy House. With the possibility of future lockdowns the Charity looks to sustain its fundraising through online retail, while also introducing our gorgeous, stylish products to a wider audience.

Rowena Midgley, Head of Dorothy House Retail says:

 “Our shops provide our community with access to incredible clothing and homeware at a fraction of the High Street price, while providing valuable funds for the Hospice. Street-style bloggers and fashion influencers continue to use second hand clothing to make their looks creative and unique. With customers looking to these individuals for inspiration, we know they will also continue to look for unique finds in charity shops - to get their fashion fix for less. Our virtual store is vital in ensuring that we can continue with our offer, whether or not our high street shops are open.”

James Byron, Director of Marketing & Engagement said:

“We have started to see a huge surge in young people shopping in charity shops. The lure of fast fashion has worn off and this generation is keen to be able to find unique pieces within their budget, that no-one else has and which tell a story and support a cause. We are also aware of our loyal customers who have always used charity shops as a way to dress creatively.”

Marianne Cantelo, Business Development said:

“We have been able to create beautiful images for the dorothyhouse.shop site launch with local PR consultant Sarah Baker sourcing the venue, the amazing Rondo Theatre and the photographer, Egle Vasi, an experienced fashion photographer who understands the aspirational marketplace. The shoot is hoping to inspire contemporary consumers to be unique and playful in their day-to-day choices, with make-up artist and hair stylist Chantelle Moody creating modern and original looks for DorothyHouse.shop’s diverse models. Stylist Anna Power has pulled together fun outfits which show that clothing is part of our personality and also our armour - creative but strong, fun but powerful. Our shoot shows that second hand clothing has endless possibilities and can compete with the new, any day.”

Since the 19th century, charity shops have always been innovative - the idea of selling second hand clothes to support a cause was totally unique for its time. With online shopping as the growing choice of many consumers in these challenging times, Dorothy House.Shop now provides an opportunity for consumers to get their fashion fix in a way that is friendly to their pocket and meets their desire for originality, while supporting a great cause - hospice care.